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April 1, 2015

Dear Clients and Partners,
It is with great pleasure that I share with you today Vanbridge LLC has completed its acquisition of Alan Gray, Inc. Many of you have been part of the growth of Alan Gray over the last 27 years, while some of you are just getting to know us. Over the years, our firm has evolved from strictly an audit and adjusting firm to a fully diversified insurance services organization. We’ve always worked hard to identify new areas in which we could further assist you in achieving your business objectives. In turn, you’ve helped us to identify new trends and opportunities for growth, and we have expanded our scope of solutions to meet them. We’ve grown in size, expanded our reach and added new professional services to meet these emerging needs.

The decision to join Vanbridge represents another opportunity to scale to meet the demands of the industry and the needs of our valued clients. For those of you not familiar with Vanbridge, the company is an insurance intermediary, capital advisory and insurance and reinsurance management firm and is led by a unique inter-disciplinary team of industry experts and insiders with decades of experience and a very broad network of contacts.

Alongside our acquisition, Vanbridge has also acquired Universal Insurance Services, a life insurance, executive benefits and financial advisory distribution firm. As a result of this remarkable combination, Vanbridge has effectively brought all of the services related to insurance, reinsurance and capital markets into a single organization, and as our clients and partners, you now have access to an extraordinary and complementary portfolio of products and services.

We look forward to continuing to serve you in the years to come as we embark on this exciting new relationship together.


Michael F. Ceppi