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About Alan Gray LLC

Alan Gray LLC was established in 1988 as a claims and audit advisory firm, and over the years has built a reputation as a cost effective, reliable and trusted resource to those involved in the management of risk. Providing operational and business processing services, and consulting on risks and exposures from the simple to the most complex, we place the utmost emphasis on client service and satisfaction. We have become an adviser and partner to a client base that includes major insurers and reinsurers, Fortune 500 companies, law firms, MGAs, brokers and captives.

Our goal is to help our clients realize significant bottom line savings as a result of our highly experienced technical staff, our ability to adapt quickly to situational changes, and our commitment to staying current with the latest industry information and advances in technology.  We work hard to identify new areas in which we can further assist our clients in achieving their business objectives and as a result we’ve identified new trends and opportunities for growth, and expanded our scope of solutions to meet them. We’ve grown in size, expanded our reach and continue to add new professional services to meet these emerging needs.

Over the years, Alan Gray attracted the attention of Vanbridge LLC and recognizing their tremendous growth and potential, acquired the firm in 2015.  Vanbridge is an insurance intermediary, capital advisory and insurance and reinsurance management firm and is led by a unique inter-disciplinary team of industry experts and insiders. Joining Vanbridge represented another opportunity to scale to meet the demands of the industry and the needs of our valued clients.

Alongside our acquisition, Vanbridge also acquired Universal Insurance Services, a life insurance, executive benefits and financial advisory distribution firm.  As a result of this remarkable combination, Vanbridge has effectively brought all of the services related to insurance, reinsurance and capital markets into a single organization, offering our clients and partners access to an extraordinary and complementary portfolio of products and services. The breadth of our experience is second to none and we continue to enjoy a favorable reputation in the industry for our expertise and our ability to consistently deliver results our clients can count on.