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Construction Defect

Construction Defect
Construction Defect and Additional Insured claims can be extremely complex. Carriers must diligently evaluate and track all demands for indemnity and expense. In today’s environment, it is important to work with industry experts who have the ability to determine reasonable costs as well as monitor, track, and assign proper allocation. The Legal Invoice Audit and Allocation Services practice provides specific value added benefits to insurance carriers who have Construction Defect/Additional Insured claims exposure. Qualified attorneys not only perform legal bill audits, but also offer services to track apportionment for recovery (Buss). They also track and ensure proper defense cost allocation to developers, builders, subs and insurers.


Services include:
  • Invoice Analysis
  • Reconciliations/Self Insured Retention (SIR) Policy Erosion
  • Savings Negotiations
  • Allocation of Defense Costs
  • Buss Audit for Recovery


Database Developed to Track Allocation and Payments

A client with significant Construction Defect/Additional Insured Claims needed a gatekeeper to monitor, track and review allocation of reasonable fees and costs with the added ability to link and track claims to a common project. Alan Gray LLC developed a database to track allocation and payments amongst additional insured claims linked to a common project resulting in a net savings of over 15%.