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Reinsurance Services

Organizations in need of reinsurance services must look for experienced consultants who focus on maximizing the economic value of their reinsurance assets by improving cash flow, lowering arbitration and litigation costs and reducing Schedule F penalties. The Reinsurance Services practice employs a team of seasoned collections professionals, both nationally and abroad, who are fluent in current industry trends and developments. With an office in the centre of London, Alan Gray LLC is strategically positioned to address the collections needs of organizations on a worldwide basis. The firm currently has in excess of $50 million of collections under management, from domestic and international cedents, including pool managers and companies under regulatory control.


Services include:

  • Commutation Support
  • Account Reconstruction and Reconciliation
  • Arbitration and Litigation Support


Process Review of Major US Ceding Company
A review of the commutation process and procedures for a major US ceding company was requested, including interviews with all staff involved in the process (accounting, claims, actuarial, collections and operations). An additional review of the internal written guidelines and policies was also completed. Recommendations made by Alan Gray LLC resulted in a strategic collection effort and the implementation of a proactive strategy used to identify financially impaired reinsurers. This directly led to the preservation and maximization of the value of reinsurance assets.

Contract Review and Adjusted Accounting Entries
Reconstruction of the accounting and billing records for a property and casualty company’s largest ceded program was undertaken. Reporting to reinsurers had ceased at the time that the company was placed in liquidation and no billing information was sent to reinsurers for a three year period. After reviewing the contracts, Alan Gray LLC determined the proper activity that should have been ceded to the various treaty layers. The accounting entries were adjusted and records were developed for the entire book of business, covering a five year period. In addition, detailed supporting documentation was developed and staff participated in the presentation to the largest reinsurer of the program, resulting in a collection in excess of $7,000,000 prior to the year end.