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Claims Management Services

Claims Management Services
The Claims Management Services practice provides strategic solutions to corporate legal departments, insurance carriers, government agencies and law firms involved in high-volume claims and litigation. Our team has worked on many of the largest product liability and mass tort litigation matters in the U.S. We have assisted clients with the design, set-up, and operation of various “special purpose operations” to handle the intake, adjudication, resolution and payment of numerous claims. These large-scale crises may arise from a catastrophic event such as a chemical spill or manufacturing accident, emerging product liability claims, a cyber-attack or data breach, or other similar events. In addition, Alan Gray’s parent company, Vanbridge, can offer unique financial solutions and insurance products to enable parties in mass settlements to increase predictability of outcomes and finality of resolutions.
Services include:

  • Crisis Response 
  • Claims Adjudication and Processing
  • Pre-Settlement Consultation
  • Funds Management and Disbursements
  • Design of Claims Process
  • Data Management and Reporting
  • Claims Noticing and Communication
  • Tax Reporting
  • Call Center Operations
  • Lien Resolution


  • Deep experience with large, national litigation such as asbestos, tobacco, breast implants, September 11th claims

  • Ability to create customized technology solutions and process workflow in support of special purpose operations

  • Access to specialized crisis response and claims processing resources through technology and consulting partnerships


Claims Administration for a Large Municipality
  • Workflow designed to coordinate among multiple parties
  • Claims Processing Services
  • Cost (indemnity & defense) tracking and reporting

Mass Tort Litigation
  • Claims Processing Services (claim intake to insurance recovery)
  • Indemnity and defense counsel payment processing, cash management and reporting
  • Financial Reporting, including SEC and 1099
Customer Reimbursement Program Administration
  • Program design and implementation
  • Project management services
  • Customer appeals research and resolution