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Program & Financial Management Services

Program & Financial Management Services

Even the simplest IT projects can turn complex quickly. As with most projects, there are multiple players, sensitive deadlines, tight budgets and numerous deliverables. The Enterprise Consulting Services practice helps finance organizations establish business strategies, budgets and forecasting to support profit planning, utilization of business intelligence tools and performance metrics. Our consultants have extensive experience in hands-on execution of complex, global IT-and non-IT initiatives such as enterprise statutory reporting, legal entity restructuring and simplification, and finance and administration restructuring and optimization.

Services include:

  • Strategic Planning, Visioning and Budgeting
  • Value Mapping and ROI Analysis
  • Internal Audit and Regulatory Compliance Support
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Support


Program Management Services

Developed a comprehensive PMO for the Board of Directors of a global financial services firm which presented a monthly snapshot status, cost and key metrics for more than $60 billion in operations, technology and compliance projects.

Business Process Simplification

A global insurance company needed to consolidate. The review resulted in business process simplification, automation and chart of accounts restructuring.

Enterprise e-Procurement System

An international financial services firm requested a spend analysis which led to the selection and implementation of an enterprise-wide e-procurement system. Total spend reduction was more than $25 million.