Back Office Services and Solutions: Enhancing Operational Efficiency.

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Back Office Services play a pivotal role in ensuring an organization’s long-term success and sustainability, particularly in industries like insurance, where accurate financial management and compliance are paramount. We specialize in delivering comprehensive Back Office Services that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of companies in the Property and Casualty insurance industry. Our expertise in accounting and reporting spans both ongoing and legacy books of business, ensuring that your financial operations run seamlessly and efficiently and that your company can focus on its core functions and strategic growth initiatives with confidence.

Services Performed

Sample Engagements

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Full Range of Services Transition

A client required an administrator to handle a full range of functions for a fully licensed P&C Insurance Company. Alan Gray reviewed the existing structure of systems and processes and worked with staff at the carrier to transition services to AGRM.

By transitioning IT services, accounting, investment management, claim handling/oversight, and compliance functions to Alan Gray, the client saved approximately $2.5M in annual administration costs while maintaining the same level of service.

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Providing a Full Range of Accounting Services

A client required an administrator to handle the accounting functions for a legacy manufacturing company with insurance liabilities and receivables.

AGRM worked with the client to establish a new General Ledger structure and establish reporting requirements. AGRM currently provides accounts payable, financial reporting, and investment accounting functions.