Estate Liquidation Services.

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At Alan Gray, we understand the complexities and challenges that often arise during estate liquidation. Our comprehensive Estate Liquidation Services are designed to provide you with expert support, tailored solutions, and peace of mind during this sensitive process. Our team, with an average of 20+ years of experience, utilizes tailored workflows and technology designed to fit the specifications of the required estate. We offer an integrated approach to managing the liabilities of entities in liquidation with a focus on maximizing the available assets for the benefit of policyholders.

Services Performed

Sample Engagements

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Large Multi-Line Legacy Liquidation

A client engaged AGRM to provide full administration of a large multi-line legacy P&C company entering liquidation. The scope of the engagement included claim evaluation, administration, finance and investment accounting, asset management, and reinsurance collections.

AGRM reviewed the liquidation process guidelines with the client to ensure that the estate follows all established procedures and statutes related to receivership in the applicable state. Additionally, AGRM built and established data transfer processes with the State Guaranty Associations. Now, the ongoing management of the estate has ensured that expenses are managed within established guidelines, reporting to the court and stakeholders is accurate and timely, and that the administration of the estate as a whole is done efficiently.

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Proof of Claim Administration

A client engaged AGRM to provide Proof of Claim administration for a P&C company entering liquidation.

The scope of the engagement included the intake, setup and administration of the Proof of Claims submitted to the estate, up to and including the Notice of Determinations.