Quantitative Services for Accurate Analysis.

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Alan Gray empowers decision-makers with reliable data analytics, leveraging advanced data management and industry insights. Our Quantitative Services offer critical decision-making tools, including sophisticated data analysis and claim allocation modeling.

Our expert team delivers unparalleled quantitative services, focusing on actionable results across various claims like asbestos, hazardous waste, and intellectual property for insurers, reinsurers, and more.

Services Performed

Sample Engagements

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Joint Defense Group Data Analysis

Alan Gray conducted thorough data analysis and report generation for a joint defense group, leading to a summary judgment victory in a high-stakes asbestos case.

The expert evaluation of underlying claimant data along with an audit enabled a precise measurement of product exposure points.

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Account Reconciliation and Loss Aggregation

An account reconciliation performed by Alan Gray unearthed $4M in collectible deductibles for a chemical exposure case.

The meticulous analysis identified the insured’s error of aggregating losses, which led to underapplying per-claim deductibles.

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Decision Tree Analysis in Hazardous Waste Litigation

Alan Gray integrated decision tree analysis with allocation modeling to aid in a complex hazardous waste lawsuit, culminating in a favorable settlement.

The customized model provided allowed the client to adjust success/failure probabilities at their discretion, significantly reducing their financial liability.