SIMS Smart E-Billing Solution: Efficient Invoice Management.

We provide a scalable, digital solution for legal cost management with flexible review options.

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Legal costs can be an expensive component of conducting business. It is to our clients’ advantage to analyze and review all legal billings to ensure adherence to an applicable industry standard. While corporations want to compensate providers of legal services for reasonable and necessary activity, thorough vetting of billings is prudent. A professional review can provide, in detail, usable data delineating compliant, reimbursable fees and expenses, as well as flag charges that may not be in keeping with services rendered. The Legal Bill Auditing Services practice provides invoice analysis, reconciliation, and negotiation across a variety of industry sectors. A legal audit is performed by fully qualified attorneys who have both technical and professional expertise. Typical clients include insurers, reinsurers, corporations, and organizations with legal defense costs.

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Sample Engagements

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Tailored Solutions Streamline Insurance Group’s Operations

Alan Gray provided a leading international insurance and reinsurance group with a flexible e-billing and audit solution, increased audit savings, and a tool to streamline law firm appeals. Our SIMS analysts accommodated special handling requirements and increased efficiency using charge rules while maintaining accuracy.

By implementing a Collaborative Appeal Process, they reduced firm friction, enhanced client-firm relationships, shortened payment cycles, eliminated post-payment appeals, and achieved 11% legal spending savings, surpassing their prior vendor’s performance.

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Enhancing Client’s Analytics with Customized E-Billing Solution

A client offering diversified property, casualty, and marine insurance products for small to mid-sized businesses needed an e-billing solution that provided a flexible approach to data capture and analytics. Their prior vendor had insufficient ability to customize data points, which limited reporting.

Alan Gray’s SIMS Matter Management offered the client a wide array of customizable data points promoting robust reporting solutions to manage and evaluate legal spending. Our report developers have created a custom analytics library based on the client’s specifications and unique requirements. Additionally, our new user interface will enhance on-demand analytics capability.

Streamlined Legal Invoice Review for Mass Tort Defense with Custom Solutions by SIMS

A group of insurance companies and their insureds facing mass tort claims sought a tailored legal invoice review system. Alan Gray’s SIMS tool provided dynamic approval hierarchies and custom data integration solutions, facilitating efficient invoice review and negotiation.

Custom matter data interfaces ensured seamless communication between SIMS and the client’s management system, supported by a vast library of reports. This streamlined process reduced administrative burden, enhanced data consistency, and empowered the client to incorporate their input before invoice approval, ultimately optimizing cost management and workflow efficiency.