Specialty TPA Claims Management.

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Today’s organizations leverage self-insurance and increased liability deductibles to reduce traditional insurance costs. In this context, partnering with an adept Third-Party Administrator (TPA) like AG is prudent.

AG provides expert claims management, administration, and processing services for various liabilities on a national and international level. Our licensed TPA practice offers an advanced online system with round-the-clock access, specializing in handling HPL claims and Workers’ Compensation.

Services Performed

Sample Engagements

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Run-off Business Resolution

Alan Gray handled a run-off book featuring multiple complex liability claims. Our comprehensive audit and accurate reserve adjustments set the stage for effective resolutions.

Active collaboration with defense teams and mediation initiatives expedited settlements, significantly reducing outstanding claims within 2½ years and resulting in substantial client savings.

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Asbestos Exposure Settlements

For a client with multiple insurers, we streamlined the processing of indemnity settlements and expense billings relating to asbestos exposures.

Our rigorous audits ensured agreement compliance from law firms. By providing detailed, timely results, we enabled insurers to recover substantial funds from their reinsurers promptly.

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Mass Tort Claims Management

We were entrusted by a legacy carrier lacking the capacity to manage a challenging book of mass tort claims.

With short notice, our team provided a comprehensive suite of services, effectively administering the carrier’s direct exposures and accompanying reinsurance claims.