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February 21, 2024

Reinsurance Audits: Strategies for Success

In the field of reinsurance, audits represent an important aspect of risk management.

February 14, 2024

Mastering Mass Torts – Harnessing Data for an Effective Claims Strategy

Mass torts present unique challenges in the legal and insurance industries..

January 25, 2024

The Benefits of Legal Billing Audit

Insurers are often called upon to work with attorneys outside an approved panel.

January 25, 2024

Rate and Overall Discounts from Firms

There are corporations, such as insurance companies..

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IACP NYC conference on June 20

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June 20, 2024
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June 23, 2024
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July 16-17 / Bryan Enos, Betsy Mitchell, Russell Bogin, and John Murphy are attending.

July 16, 2024
Perrin - National Asbestos Litigation Conference:

September 11-12 / Mike Ceppi is attending

September 11, 2024